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An Insight

Cerone Software Pvt Ltd., is an Information Technology Solutions provider operating from Andhra Pradesh, India. The company is currently providing solutions to companies in Earth Science industry, Education, Retail and Construction Industries. Our core competency includes custom application development with utmost product quality. Cerone provides solutions that are faster, better and cost effective. High quality of service, customer focus and transparent project management are the key areas of emphasis in Cerone.


To be a reliable software solution provider contributing to customer success. When our customer wins, we win.

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Cerone uses Agile Methodology with Extreme Programming practices which makes our products and services top class. We believe in

  • Effective Customer Collaboration
  • High Quality Software
  • Individuals and Interactions
  • Responding to change

Why Cerone?

There are several key factors why our clients make their choice in favour of Cerone:

Customer-Oriented Approach: Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business. We match our processes to fit your preferences, so that you feel comfortable and secure outsourcing work to an offshore team. This approach is called "near-sourcing" because our management and developers are able to act as extensions of your existing organization not as outsiders, helping to both lower costs and increase service.

Seamless Communication: Our customers and partners tell us we're easier to communicate with than other outsourcing companies. We always make sure we're available through multiple communication channels.

Reasonable Cost: Our Indian office allows us to make use of the immense talent pool available here at a remuneration that will help us keep our team happy and loyal while offering you services that are most economical. Since our quality and speed are as good or better than what you may find elsewhere, collaborating with us gives you a great return on your investment.

Time-Zones: Our managers and tech leads adjust time-zones to work with you to review past work and set new tasks. While you're asleep, our developers work on the project and changes are ready by the time you come back to the office in the morning. You get "overnight turnaround" every day.

Comprehensive Solution: We cover the full business cycle from business analysis to quality assurance and even post-launch maintenance, so working with us means you can have one company handling your entire range of IT activities. This avoids any hand waving or finger pointing, and makes your budget and timeline more predictable. We take full responsibility for the work assigned to us, giving you confidence in results.


  • Synergy of domain expertise and technology know-how
  • Customers retained and repeated business from them
  • Dedicated teams for each project
  • Proven track record of delivering quality software on schedule
  • Continuous training plan to upgrade the skills of the associates
  • Benefit from the extensive knowledge base of reusable components/best practices and productivity enhancements are passed on to the customer
  • Fast ramp-up and ramp-down of the team
  • Transparency in all the phases