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Geologic Analysis via Maximum Likelihood System (GAMLS)

End to End delivery of the very large desktop application including multiple modules which help the Geo Scientists and Petro Physicists understand the petroleum well logs. Every module includes complex input and configuration parameters and even more complex algorithms and calculations. We developed high end plots/charts like depth plots, cross plots, ternary and 3d plots which makes the analysis easy and accurate. This application is used by various companies like Halcon, BHP, Halliburton etc for analyzing the well logs.

For development we use the SCRUM methodology along with XP practices which ensure we deliver highest quality features in the lowest possible time. Every line of code is pair programmed and peer reviewed which helps finding the issues at the earliest stages. We follow TDD and write automated unit tests which drastically reduce the delivery time. This application has more than 10000 unit tests.

Customer Site: www.egamls.com

Some sample screenshots below.

Application Launch Screen

Imported Well Log Data View

Cluster mode assignment configuration

Sophisticated Depth Plot

Ternary Plot

Cross Plot

Technologies and Tools

  • Core Java
  • SWT
  • Agile
  • Easy Mock
  • Eclipse
  • Eclipse RCP
  • Hibernate
  • JDBC
  • jFree Chart
  • JPA
  • JUnit
  • Scrum
  • Your Kit
  • Ecl Emma
  • GIT